Abridged Pause Recordings Banner 2008

Our website is under construction, so our Myspace is our main output for the moment. We have two releases out at the moment, but a load more are to come. Now that APR1 – “Diluvian Temperals” compilation and APR2 – “Sea of Abandoned Polaroids” split EP with Phlegma and Stagnant Waters, are out we can announced the plans for our next releases. Our first three releases are digital, but then, we go all vinyl!

APR3 will be “Witches in the Air“, the debut full length by Sveta Istina Vještica. An amazing post-grindcore release that’s filled with passion and energy. This thing will make you awe. This release will be sold digitally for $1 with the entire profit going straight to the eventual pressing of a 10″ vinyl of the album. All buyers of the digital version will receive a discount when the vinyl comes out and will be privileged to special content from other upcoming Abridged Pause Recordings releases.

APR4 will be “Past Changing Fast“. Kailash‘s second album. After the hype of the first one, we were impatiently waiting to get our chance at releasing this second one. It’s a beautiful math-metal album with intelligence written all over it. This will be released on a colored 12″ vinyl with an exclusive artwork, different from the CD version.