Abridged Pause Recordings is an independent Canadian record label based in Montreal. Founded in February of 2008 by Alexander Julien, it has brought forth a multitude of independent avant-garde artists. Releasing music in such genres as post-metal, post-black metal, atmospheric black metal, psychedelic black metal, sludge metal, sludge-core, atmospheric sludge metal, screamo, avant-garde metal, math metal, math rock, post-rock, experimental post-rock, ambient, dark ambient, black ambient, shoegaze, melogaze and artbient.

While originally created with the purpose of releasing any music, the record label has since prioritized its focus on solely releasing the music of Alexander Julien, and occasionally that of his close friends and collaborators. Abridged Pause Recordings is currently closed to new demo submissions.

Abridged Pause Blog was created and is operated by Alexander Julien. The main purpose is to bring retrospective biographies, interviews and archival documentation of bands to the public. As a researcher and biographer Julien has always been interested in digging up and cataloging other musicians’ history. Some of the documents presented here were previously part of magazine collections, such as How Can They Intend to Heal? and Sadness by Name, and many of these articles were republished in other magazines, webzines and blogs. All publications in this blog have been written with the help and approval of the band members. Download links are also approved by the band when presented at the end of the articles.

Some of the bands that Julien has written about and interviewed include A Taste for Blood, Ache Hour Credo, Acrid, Alter-Ego, Avarice, Benchwarmer, Bird of Ill Omen, Boize, Blue Monday, Blundermen, Breaking Violet, Bree, Burden, Burst of Silence, Castevet (CSTVT), Chris Gray, Chokehold, Citadel Swamp, Confine, Crisis of Faith, Culture, Day of Mourning, Dead Season, Dirge, Drop Forge, Eliot Rosewater, Ellington, Emissary, Endless Fight, Éphémère, Face Down, FaceDown, Firestorm, Forsaken Trust, From This Fay Forward, Funerary, Gallia Fornax, Gates of Dawn, Grace Like Winter, Great White North, Green Territory, Human Infect, Incision, Ignorance Never Settles, In Dying Days, In This Defiance, Ire, Jonah, Jude the Obscure, Karenza, Kenobi, Lantern’s Awake, Left for Dead, Louis Mistreated, Loveless .1., M Blanket, Montgomery 21, Murder on Redpath, New Day Rising, Officer Down, One Eyed God Prophecy, Parabstruse, Pile High, Platform, Projection Mina, Raise Them and Eat Them, Rebirth, Render Useless, Roosevelt, Rosesdead, Say No More, Scapegoat, Searchingforchin, Seer, SeventyEightDays, Shiner, Shoulder, Sinsick, Soufferance, Spread the Disease, Sun Still Burns, The Abandoned Hearts Club, The Black Hand, The Fullblast, The Payback, The Republic of Freedom Fighters, The Separation Suicide, The Slopin Fairy 7, The Sneak Preview, The Swarm aka Knee Deep in the Dead, The Wolfnote, The Zyphoid Process, This Day Forth, Throne of Mortality, To the Lions, Tomb of the Worm, Two Line Filler, Unheard, Union of Uranus, Unmarked, Vision Éternel, Vision Solitude, Vision Lunar and Zyon.

Some of the record labels that Julien has interviewed include 13th Day Recordings, Cascade Records, Cedargate Records, Dirty Kidz Records, Fans of Bad Productions Records, Klink Publishing, Intention Records, OneDaySavior Recordings, Mortification Records, Ragamuffin Soldier Records, Redstar Records, Rhythm of Sickness Records, Structure Records, The Association of Welterweights Records, Textbook Music, U-Iliot Records, United Edge Records, Upheaval Records, Utilitarian Records, Winter Records and Workshop Records.

Abridged Pause Publishing handles the copyrights, music publishing and text publishing of all music releases on Abridged Pause Recordings written content on this blog. It is a legitimate and registered company. Musical works are affiliated with SOCAN in Canada and ASCAP in the United States.

Abridged Pause Apparel is another sub-division of the Abridged Pause Enterprises umbrella. All non-music merchandise is printed through this company, which so far includes posters, flyers, business cards and t-shirts.