Phlegma and Stagnant Waters bring you an amazing split EP, “Sea of Abandoned Polaroids“. Now you may be asking yourself, “Who are these bands? How come I’ve never heard of them before and yet they are so good!” Well that’s because the guys from each of those bands are now doing Smohalla together!

Let’s take it back a bit. Slo was doing a project before Smohalla entitled Slore. A great number of songs were written during this period but two of them ended up being far too different from the rest of the stuff. They were put aside as Phlegma. Since 2003, these gems have been unreleased and unheard! In 2007, Camille, who was was taking a break from composing Smohalla material, created some totally different material. He named it “Stagnant Water” (in the singular form). The first two demos that were written and recorded in 2007 are the ones which we are presenting to you on this split EP. Later, Camille was joined by Aymeric and renamed the band “Stagnant Waters” (in plural form). Stagnant Waters are currently writing a full-length to be released either on Paradigms Recordings or on Abridged Pause Recordings.

You can download the split for free on our Myspace page.