Kailash is a well known name in the post-black metal community. Their music has been turning heads since their earliest inception as Krom in 2002. After reducing members, they changed name to Kailash in 2006, and their first self-titled album  (which was a compilation of the last two Krom demos) was issued 3 times, and each sold out. Kailash’s fanbase grew rapidly and everyone was impatiently waiting for a second album. Finally in 2009 they unveiled “Past Changing Fast”, by this time the band was down to its core members with the Basili twins (Marco and Andrea). Everyone seemed to like the new album, but the band wasn’t please with the outcome. A year later they went back to the studio to completely remix the album, and Abridged Pause Recordings is proud to bring you this output! Do not miss out on what these twins have to offer.