Various artist "Diluvian Temperals" compilation. Released August 24th 2009 on Abridged Pause Recordings (APR1).

“Diluvian Temperals”. This is the first release by Abridged Pause Recordings, and its a great pleasure to introduce these 13 bands which we will be working with in the future, with 13 exclusive songs, never heard or released before. Released totally free to make sure that as many people get the most out of it. You may however make a donation to support the record label, but you don’t have to. Simply click the “Buy” button and enter “0” for the amount and it will be downloaded free.

Original press release post:

Well, it’s finally here! The very first release by Abridged Pause Recordings! It took months to put together, but I’ll tell you, it was worth it! It was worth the wait, the pain, and the struggle.

What we’ve got here to offer is a 13 songs digital compilation featuring 13 exclusive songs by various post-metal, post-rock, post-black metal and ambient bands. All these songs were either recorded or pulled out from the shadows especially for this release. So were damn honored to offer these to you.

Now this idea originally started out in late 2008, when I had decided to close down my last label Mortification Records and focus on a new label. Thus came Abridged Pause Recordings, and the first band to be signed was Dreams of the Drowned. However their album would not be ready for almost a year, so I had to find a way to get something out until then. I thought about putting together a compilation for a couple months and finally settled that the idea could be good, considering everything would be exclusive. So I put together a roster of bands, which was completed in February of 2009. I sent it to a friend who was supposed to master the whole works, and he told me some of the tracks were not top notch material. So those songs were scraped, and I must admit I ended up keeping only about 1/4 of the stuff I was sent. So I set out again to find better bands who really represented the vision that APR whad. Finally in April 2009 a new roster was completed and this time I sent it to Adam Kennedy to get them mastered. He right away fell in love with the whole work, so I knew I had something good. The works was ready by June, but I was attacked by delays on the website, and the compilation ended up not coming out until late August. Well I must say that I am extremely proud that this is now out to the public and I cannot stress enough how much I want everyone to hear this stuff.

01 Pet Slimmers of the Year – Brujas
02 Black Sand and Starless Nights – 5/8th’s Perfection
03 Somnam – In the Woods of Silence
04 Tower – They Sculpt Eyes and You
05 Omega Centauri – Battle of Öland
06 Parabstruse – Turning Back
07 Black Autumn – Metatron
08 Dying Sun – Sleep Unending
09 Smohalla – Une Longue Marche
10 Kailash – Past Changing Fast
11 Feos – Le Fin Absolute Du Monde
12 Last Minute to Jaffna – Chapter XII
13 Semiosis – Holy Nothing / Nothing Holy

Album credits:
Mastered by Adam Kennedy at Vital Philosophy
Artwork by Vicent Casar at Unreal Visions
Compilation compiled by Alexandre Julien
APR1 – August 24th, 2009
All songs released exclusive to Abridged Pause Recordings and registered to Abridged Pause Publishing

Song credits:

  1. Music by Pet Slimmers of the Year
    Guitar by Scott Gowan
    Bass and guitar by Steve McKenna
    Drums and percussions by Dale Vinten
    Recorded at Jigsaw Studios, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, UK by Tom Savage in September 2008
  2. Music by Black Sand and Starless Nights
    Guitar and bass by William Kachersky
    Drums by Mike Vassallo
    Keyboards, engineered and produced by Patrick Poblete at Frozenn Studio, New Jersey in 2005
  3. Music by Somnam
    Piano, samples, engineered and produced by Antti Vaheri
  4. Music by Tower
    Guitars by Sébastien “Seb” Mollo and Antoine Babino
    Bass by Florent “Flo” Tabouret
    Drums by Guillaume “Guim’s” Quere
    Engineered and mixed by Jean Louis Esvan at Capricorn’s Studio, Lorient, France in August 2008
  5. Music by Omega Centauri
    Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, samples, engineered and produced by Thomas Vallely
  6. Music by Parabstruse
    Guitar, samples, engineered and produced by Garry Brents at GAB Recordings, Texas in January 2009
  7. Music by Black Autumn
    Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, sampling, engineered and produced by Michael Krall at The Lair, Germany in 2009.
  8. Music by Dying Sun
    Vocals and lyrics by Bryan Chew and Dan Dillon
    Guitars by Bryan Chew
    Bass by Dan Dillon
    Drums by Matt Day
    Recorded and mixed by Bryan Chew, in Frederick, Maryland in winter 2009
  9. Music by Smohalla
    Vocals, guitar and drums by Vincent Cassar
    Bass and backing vocals by Camille Giraudeau
    Programming and samples by Antoine Luc
    Engineered by Camille Giraudeau and Vincent Cassar
    Produced by Vincent Cassar
  10. Music by Kailash
    Guitar and bass by Marco Basili
    Drums by Andrea Basili
    Mixed by Damiano Minghetti at Hombrelobo Studio, Rome, Italy in January 2009
  11. Music by Feos
    Guitar, drums, engineered and produced by Iason Roumkos
  12. Music by Last Minute to Jaffna
    Vocals and lyrics by Valerio Damiano
    Guitars by Valerio Damiano and Danilo Battocchio
    Bass by Paolo Fazio
    Drums by Andrea Pellegrino
    Engineered by Danilo Battocchio at Deepest Sea Studio, Turin, Italy in May 2009
    Mixed by Lorenzo Stecconi at Locomotore Studio, Rome, Italy in May 2009
  13. Music by Semiosis
    Noise by Alexandru Seidiu
    Guitar by Şerban Ilicevici
    Drums by Alexandru Seidiu and Şerban Ilicevici