Abridged Pause Recordings Banner 2008

Hello to all of you interested readers that have wandered into the new website of Abridged Pause Recordings. Abridged Pause Recordings is the new savior of good music. Founded officially in 2008, with a purpose to bring back the vinyl format into the music scene and digipaks to the public eye, the label will be focusing on all types on genres revolving around the “atmospheric” ideals and moods. Pretty soon, we will unleash the first output of the label, Dreams of the Drowned’s debut full-length album. It should be released within the first months of 2009. In the meanwhile, you can read about the other artists we are going to work with in the artists page, which includes Black Autumn, Ethereal Beauty and Vision Éternel, and make sure to check out their music on Myspace, as well as our own Myspace page!

Keep your eyes on a website to blow your mind and the following releases:
APR001: Dreams of the Drwoned
APR002: Vision Éternel/Ethereal Beauty split
APR003: Black Autumn