Editor’s note: This biography of Culture was written entirely by Alexandre Julien, with collaboration from the band members, throughout 2007, for the now defunct Myspace page.

Culture began in 1994 with Mark Mitchell on vocals, Rich Thurston on guitar and bass and Josh Williams on drums in Cooper City, Florida. Almost immediately, Mark parted ways with the band, and Rich assumed vocal duties in addition to the string instruments. The duo recorded a four song demo, and sent it to labels to get it released. Soon after Stan Obal joined on bass and John Wylie on second guitar. Shortly before the release of their self titled 7″ on Shadow Records, Rich asked Pete Carreno to replace Obal on bass. Culture played their first show on March 4th 1994 at 21 North in West Palm Beach, with Platform (it was their last show, they would later become Roosevelt).

In 1994 Damien Moyal joined to handle full vocal duties, and Pete quit (after an argument with Rich over not being a vegan) to be replaced by Gordon Tarpley, their first stable bassist. Culture headed in studio to record several different versions of songs that would end up as “Born of You” on Conquer the World Records as well as a split with fellow South Floridians Roosevelt on Intention Records.

Not long after the release of Born of You, Damien parted ways with the band. To satisfy touring obligations, Jeremy Haynes, Louie Long and Anthony Conte stepped in for temporary vocal duties, while the band went across the states. In 1996 Mark Mitchell returned as front man and the band recorded the “Deforestation” EP for Catalyst Records. Before an intensive tour, John quit to form Morning Again, with Louie on drums and Damien on vocals, creating a sister band with exchangeable members, and Steve Looker came in.

In late 1996 Culture moved to Gainesville, and a major line-up change occurred. Jason Dooley replaced Josh on drums. Mark once again left the band, leading Damien, who was now out of Morning Again, to rejoined the band, in keeping with Culture’s ongoing tradition of fleeing/returning musicians. Almost immediately, they recorded songs for a “split with Kindred”, due out on Toybox Records in North America and Good Life Recordings in Europe. Soon after they also recorded “Heteronome” and began the process for “Mike Warden Can Suck It”/”Reborn of You” which was also due out on Toybox Records but neither releases on that label happened..

The band went on their first European tour, supported by Good Life. Later that year, Rich Thurston (the only remaining founding member of the band) quit, Gordon now assuming guitar position, and Chris “Floyd” Beckham coming in on bass. Jason was replaced by Tim Kirkpatrick (from Roosevelt), and Steve Looker traded positions in Morning Again with Joe Simmons.

The band began touring once more in the US and went to Europe for its final tour. Gordon could not make the Europe tour so Kenneth Brian filled in for him, while Good Life re-released their full length “Born of You” for the European fans. Upon their return to the states, the remaining members followed Damien to revive As Friends Rust, and left Culture as an unforgettable memory.