Abridged Pause Recordings would like to welcome and share with you the very first band we will be working with, Dreams of the Drowned. This amazing post-black metal band from France will be reaching your ears with a first full-length release in early 2009. For the moment you can download their 4-song demo for free right here.

Dreams of the Drowned: the band which determines the genre of post-metal. Leaving all restrictions behind, this band intellectually approaches blackened hardcore, keeping a level of atmosphere to sooth any misconception. After a self-released online demo, the band gained the attention of Abridged Pause Recordings and plans were made to release their first full-length. This upcoming album is currently being worked on by members of Agalloch.

Be ready for a huge debut album by Dreams of the Drowned, produced by Camille Giraudeau (of Stagnant Waters, Smohalla, Howlin Poetry and Nokturnes), mixed and mastered by Jason Walton (of Agalloch, Especially Likely Sloth, Subterranean Masquerade, Sculptured and Nothing) and with a fantastic artwork by Marina Polak. Due out in early 2009 on Abridged Pause Recordings (APR001)

Also make sure to visit their homepage for the latest news > Dreams of the Drowned
And their Myspace for previews of the upcoming release > Myspace page