This great grindcore band has been distributed over and over again throughout North America and Europe. There is so much to be found on this band all over the net, so I’ll be straight to the point. Their discography, “To This Bearer of Truth” was released in 2004 by Stonehenge Records and The Great American Steak Religion (the labels final release before changing name). This includes their demo Backhand from 1993, which was also used as their side of the split with His Hero is Gone on a 12″ on TGASR. They then did a split 7″ with Immortal Squad, and released a double 7″ ep “Disaster by Design” also on TGASR, which was later repressed as a 12″ record on Farewell Records. They also had a Negative Approach cover on a tribute album.

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Union of Uranus – To This Bearer of Truth