So I had to follow with a third great band (not that there is a lack of them here) so I chose the ultimate metalcore band from Ontario. At least in the 90s they were the ultimate.

Day of Mourning was this supper powerful metalcore band that would just rip the front off houses like a wolf. Fudd Bokhari’s vocals were just madd! And Dom Romeo (who now runs A389 Recordings) was one of the best guitarists of the genre.

Their first demo in 1998 “Guilty Innocence Roaming” was pressed in a variety of covers for different tours, but was soon after accompanied by their debut “Reborn as the Enemy” put out by Upheaval Records (a label that I has released few but important things). It didn’t take long until the split with Hardtime “Penitence Towards the False Prophet” came out on 7″ (Sounds of Revolution), then their immense 2nd album, “Your Future’s End”. That album is massive and withstands the shakedowns of time! It was followed by “A Move Towards Ascension ~ Forsaking Redemption” (split with Red Sky), and a split with Clenched Fist, both issued on CD on Domenic’s own 13th Day Recordings. The split with Clenched Fist was originally supposed to also include xCoalition Against Shanex, Pitboss 2000 and Empire Falls and to be released in 1999 on Use Your Head Records. Only two of the bands were left and it was released on Domenic’s own label a year later. So you can assume what happened.

They were on a shitload of compilations, too many to mentioned, but I’ve compiled a few. At the time the band broke up in 2001, they were working on their third album to be titled “Onwards to Tragedy and Contempt” as well as a split with Leval Blessing. Unfortunately, we never had the chance to hear those.

This is actually a good time for this post because A389 just re-issued “Your Future’s End” on 12″ colored vinyl. This is the first time that the album is on vinyl, and its super limited, so if you’re a fan, get it fast!

Day of Mourning – Demos & Albums
Day of Mourning – Splits and Comps

Leval Blessing