Left for Dead was a short lived power-hardcore/violence-hardcore or whatever you want to call it band from Hamilton in the mid-late 90s. They were fierce and fell like a punch in the face. They released a live split with Chokehold in 1996 on Rhythm of Sickness Records, a split with Ochre on Phyte Records and a split with Acrid on No Idea Records in 1997. Somewhere I read they also had their own 7″ ep but I haven’t heard it. All this stuff was compiled on a discography CD by No Idea Records in 1999 under the name “Splitting Heads”. In 2004 they did a brief reunion and recorded their live set which was released on LP by Deranged Records.

I don’t have the final live set, so if anyone wants to hook me up…

Left for Dead on Myspace
Left for Dead – Splitting Heads