Vision Éternel Releases Music Video for Pièce No. Trois

Vision Éternel is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with the release of a new music video for the song “Pièce No. Trois“. The song originally appeared on Vision Éternel’s 2015 EP “Echoes From Forgotten Hearts“, released through Abridged Pause Recordings. The footage was filmed by Jeremy Roux in 2012 and edited by Vasily Atutov in 2017. You can read an in-depth story about the making of the music video on Vision Éternel’s website.

Today, August 28th, is an extremely special day because it’s also the birthday of James Wong Howe, one of the most important film noir cinematographers and a huge influence to the band’s visual style. Although he passed away in 1976, Google is also celebrating his birthday with a daily Google Doodle, check it out! Vision Éternel’s music video is highly inspired by James Wong Howe’s work.

Pièce No. Trois” premiered on The Obelisk webzine on August 28th.

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