Vision Éternel Announces Upcoming Music Video

Vision Éternel announced today that they are working on a new music video. This will be the band’s fifth music video, following “Love Within Narcosis” in 2007, the two versions of “Season In Absence” in 2008 and 2010, and “Pièce No. Trois” in 2017. The new music video will be for the song “Sometimes In Longing Narcosis“, a re-recording and updated version of “Love Within Narcosis“, released on the 2012 EP “The Last Great Torch Song” through Abridged Pause Recordings. Being that the song is a re-recording of an older single, the new music video will follow that path as well. The new music video for “Sometimes In Longing Narcosis” will be a modern re-creation of “Love Within Narcosis‘” original 2007 music video, but with new scenery, better filming equipment and better editing software. This music video has been long over-due, first mentioned in 2010 and then planned for a 2012 release. “Sometimes In Longing Narcosis” is currently in the production stage, with post-production scheduled to begin before mid-February. The band hopes for a mid-to-late February release.

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