This Halifax band was formed in October of 2000. They released a 3 song demo and a 4 song CD-ep in their short career, before disbanding in March of 2002. Drawing influence from bands such as Grade and Boysetsfire (and also covering both those bands), they created their own version of melodic hardcore. The band was comprised of Matt Hemeon and Wayne Rowcliffe of hardcore punk band Falling Short, PEI transplant Ryan Greeley, Mark Bachinski and singer Oke (who would eventually put his anger issues to better use in band Bus Pass). They only played a handful of shows in Halifax and in Charlottetown, PEI but made a name for themselves in the area. They received some national exposure when they appeared on the True Until Death 2 Compilation on United Edge Records. Eventually Oke quit the band suddenly and there were some lineup changes in an attempt to keep the band going, but the band soon after fizzled out. Members went on to bands such as Flesh Made To Suffer, Envision, Bus Pass, She Kills, and The Fullblast.

Check out the demo and CD-ep here:
Three Fine Days
and a random interview i found online: