This is my introduction to Gatineau hardcore. Forsaken Trust was probably the most well known band from there, and Rich Boivin was an important part of local hardcore, putting up shows and festivals with bands from all over North America.

Forsaken Trust formed in July of 2001 with Mario Massie on vocals, Ben Gareau and Chris Lefebvre on guitars, Martin Madore on bass and Rich Boivin on drums. On October 21st, they played their first show and released their first demo. In Novembre Martin who had stopped coming to brand practice was replaced by Mathieu Tessier, who desperately wanted to jam with them. In May 2002 they played their first out of town show, with A Perfect Murder and Radical Attack. The band would play thirteen shows that year. In December their new demo “A New Breath” was released at the Health Fest. Their first ep was recorded in June and July of 2003 at B-Side Studios. Almost directly after, Tessier quit the band and Lefebvre assumed bass duties until Pierre-Luc Grenier came in for a couple months. They played a huge show with Norma Jean, Figure Four and Beloved in late October but it wasn’t until Chris Bonavia would become their bassist in December that they were a full band again. On January 24th 2004 they released their first official ep “Broken Promises”. They would record another demo in the year but would ultimately break up in July. Their final show was at the Gatineau Hardcore Fest.

They played a one time reunion show on March 25th 2005 with Tears from the Sky and Beneath the Massacre. This got them to want to start playing as Forsaken Trust again, and they began writing new material. This however did not work out and their second farewell show occurred on July 30th.

I suggest reading their myspace. It’s got a shit load more info and documenting.

Forsaken Trust Myspace
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