This Day Forth is my first post about Newfie hardcore. These guys were from St. John’s, and they were really good. Similar to Ignorance Never Settles (stories connect as you will read later).

They formed under the name Fallen in August 1998 and I think they were the first hardcore band from the province. They recorded a three song demo, which the quality was pretty slim (this band’s only downfall was the slim production on most of their recordings). But right from the start they would gather kids to their shows to discover what hardcore was.

2000 must of been the most promising year from TDF. They recorded their Demo 2k, on their own record label, Hat Trick Records. It was at this time that they would started appearing on a variety of compilations. Using songs from their Demo 2k, they would be on United Edge Records’ “True Until Death” straight edge compilation, the Dirtneck Records local hard rock compilation, “Freedom Is…”, and on the fourth issue of the Moral Minority zine along with an interview. They were then supposed to do a split with Burden due out on United Edge Records, which very unfortunately never happened.

The band would occasionally cover Ignorance Never Settles live, and  they were actually asked by them to do an eastern Canadian tour together. Everything seemed to get ready quite nicely, until INS broke up and decided to leave TDF hanging without any news. The band broke up in November 2000.

In January 2003 they did a reunion show, which was covered by a guy who came from MuchMusic. I don’t know if the footage was ever aired though… This show was recorded and released as “Old Songs Ruined Again” and was only given to friends of the band.

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