Grace Like Winter was one of Winnipeg’s best band, in my opinion. So far i keep being blown away with bands from Manitoba, (a scene which I am still not too familiar with, but seems to be very religiously inclined, not that it would change my view on how good the music is). This band did an extremely melodic type of hardcore, with two female vocalists, and piano at some points.

They formed in 1998, originally planned as a one night stand band for a party. After playing some shows with original songs they did a six song demo cdr in August 1999. Later that year they would record four songs, which would become their split with From This Day Forth, entitled “Amongst Rusted Hearts” released on Raising the Roof Records in May 2000. This would also be the labels only release. This however did bring the attention of the band to a wider audience, and landed them a load of shows, including an eastern Canada tour. It was at this point that the band would also make their only two compilation appearances, both songs coming from the split. The first was “Songs from the Salad Bar, Volume 2” from Salad Dressing Records, and the last was the well known “Until the 9th Hour” from Flame Resistant magazine, which had a load of well known hardcore bands.

Grace Like Winter went under during the 2000-2001 winter, but did come back for the summer, and would record their final output, The Red EP in August 2001. The band switched some members but vanished naturally in September 2002. Their material is quite hard to find, and I don’t even know how many copies of their releases exist. I’d love to get my hands on physical copies though!

I don’t have their ’99 demo, so if any of you guys have it, I would be super happy if you could post a download link in a comment.

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