This is what i like! Something I just discovered, that I didn’t think existed in Canada. New Jersey type screamo, all the way out in Victoria, BC. This three piece was around from 1995 to 1998. At the time the band was formed, Paul was still doing Benchwarmer, but not for much longer.

Their first release was a self titled 7″ on Slow to Burn Records in 1995 (I think this may also have been their demo, but I’m not sure). Next year they put out a split with The Republic of Freedom Fighters on Buddy System Records. In 1997, came their big break for out of Canada fans. They recorded a 10 song demo tape, which some songs would end up being released on their second 7″ “The Relationship Between a 1/4 Note and a 1/8 Note” on The Mountain Cooperative. I think the other songs were used for their split with Miracle of 86 (but I’m not sure when that came out), on City Lights Records.
The whole works was compiled into a discography CD in 2007 in Clue #2 Records. This compilation is really amazing. Great digipak with stickers and booklets, etc. I really suggest buying it, even if I posted it here. Totally worth it.

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