M Blanket was one of the earliest BC emo bands. Sometimes more punk, sometimes some ska thrown in (i know this doesn’t sound to their advantage, but I assure you, you will fall in love with them).I’m not sure why they always labelled their albums as just M Blanket, but in a live set I once heard them say “We’re Morphine Blanket”.

They formed in 1992, and had a four song demo. Their early material was more chaotic. They appeared on a few compilations and put out their first 7″ on Spinout 360 Records. I heard this was a split with Slinky, but after seeing the artwork, I don’t think it was. Someone could clarify this for me? Did this split exist? They then hooked up with Slow to Burn Records, BC’s leading emo label at the time. The first of these collaborations is the “Seen it Coming” 7″. The last of these, which is also their final ep, and my favorite release of theirs, “Safety”. The band’s last output was released on “Attending the Supreme” compilation in 1995. They changed drummers and became Ache Hour Credo (which would itself change drummers and become Daddy’s Hands).

M Blanket Discography pt1
M Blanket Discography pt2