Vision Lunar "Phase One (2006-2009)" compilation. Released August 29th 2015 on Abridged Pause Recordings (APR12).

After Vision Lunar broke up in early 2009, Alexandre Julien had no intention of ever looking back on his atmospheric black metal solo project. But in August of 2010 some fans made it clear that a proper farewell was needed. And so came “Phase One (2006-2009)”, a complete discography of Vision Lunar. The compilation was released by Mortification Records on October 6th of 2010, in an extremely limited edition CD-R (five copies to be exact), and were all autographed and given away to Alexandre’s close friends. But Alexandre wanted everyone to have access to it so Mortification Records set up the compilation for free download. It has since been downloaded over four hundred times.

Now in August of 2015, Alexandre Julien has announced that Vision Lunar is back. It is the perfect time for this compilation to be reissued with upgraded artwork, new tracklisting (adding a song that was found in 2014 and fixing the names of a couple of songs) and all the songs in proper chronological order. This new pressing is also extremely limited; only ten copies will be made at a time. There is no guarantee that more than the original ten will be printed. Each are also autographed by Alexandre Julien. This is simply a way for die-hard fans to finally have access to a Vision Lunar CD.

Ad for Vision Lunar “Phase One (2006-2009)” reissue, Abridged Pause Recordings.

Ad for Vision Lunar “Phase One (2006-2009)” reissue, Abridged Pause Recordings.

  1. Lunar I: La Forêt Enchantée
  2. Lunar II: La Chasse Infernale
  3. Lunar III: Lunar III (Demo)
  4. Lunar IV: L’envol De La Vanité (Demo)
  5. Lunar IV: L’envol De La Vanité
  6. Lunar V: Lunar V (Demo)
  7. Lunar VI: L’esprit Dans Le Ciel
  8. Lunar VII: Le Démon De La Lune
  9. Lunar VIII: Bouncing Harmonics Song (Demo)
  10. Lunar IX: Eternal Song (Take One)
  11. Lunar IX: Eternal Song (Take Two)
  12. Lunar X: Mother Song
  13. Lunar XI: Pristina (Demo)
  14. Lunar XI: Pristina
  15. Lunar XII: Lunar XII (Demo)
  16. Lunar XIII: Lunar XIII (Demo)
  17. Lunar XIV: L’absence De La Lune
  18. Lunar XV: Unusable Song (Demo)

All music composed and performed by Vision Lunar, except songs 13 & 14 originally written by Faith No More.
Vision Lunar is the creation of Alexandre Julien.
Music recorded and produced from October of 2006 to December of 2006 and from January of 2007 to November of 2007 at Mortified Studios.
Artwork by Jeremy Roux, layout by Alexandre Julien.

All songs released exclusively registered to Abridged Pause Publishing.
APR12 – August 29th 2015