Kailash "Past Changing Fast: Faster Ahead" LP. Released March 14th 2012 on Abridged Pause Recordings (APR5).

“Past Changing Fast” is Kailash’s second album. Originally released in 2009 on Frostscald Records, but the band wasn’t satisfied with the production. Two years later they completely re-mixed the album and Abridged Pause Recordings is proud to present to you the new version: “Past Changing Fast: Faster Ahead”. This new version also features alternate artwork originally created for what was to be the Abridged Pause vinyl version of the album in 2009. This is a beautiful math-metal album with intelligence written all over it.

Kailash explains the reason for remixing the album:
“We decided to remix our album “Past Changing Fast” to give it a more contemporary sound. The old mix was aimed to give a live and acoustic tinge to the tracks, but we soon realized that this approach limited the compositions’ expressive potential. Therefore we re-edited the album with a more modern mix so that it could better communicate the sound and atmosphere. “Past Changing Fast: Faster Ahead” has a high definition sound and is more effective and elegant.”

  1. Winter Glimpse
  2. Past Changing Fast
  3. Return to the Desert
  4. Through the Waters
  5. Nested Thoughts
  6. Endless Night Sweet Delight

Music by Kailash
Guitar and bass by Marco Basili
Drums by Andrea Basili
Engineered by Kailash
Mixed by Damiano Minghetti at Hombrelobo Studio, Rome, Italy in January 2009
Re-mixed by Valerio Fisik at Homborelobo Studio, Rome, Italy in March 2011
Artwork by Tryfar
Track 2 features segments from “Memento” (2000)
APR5 – March 14th 2012
All songs released exclusive to Abridged Pause Recordings and registered to Abridged Pause Publishing