Beyond the Dune Sea "Beyond the Dune Sea" LP. Released March 9th 2010 on Abridged Pause Recordings (APR4).

Beyond the Dune Sea’s debut full length is a brilliant album. And it was done in such a “post-musical” style as well. A series of live jams were recorded and the whole thing was put together in post-production style by Adam Kennedy. The entire album is flawless and could be your next album on repeat once you get started. This is not to be passed by in 2010.

Original press release post:

Abridged Pause has been in close contact with Adam Kennedy since the very beginning. So when he showed us his new band, Beyond the Dune Sea, we knew almost before hand we were up for a treat. After listening to the album a couple of times, we realized this was a brilliant album and practically begged him to release it. We wanted to get more people to hear this! There was barely any questions asked, and it was quickly agreed. We have many high hopes for this band, and they should start playing some shows very soon. Keep a look out, because you don’t want to miss out on this band live!

01 Welcome to the Dunes
02 The Dune Sea
03 The Red Tide
04 Time is of the Essence
05 Save Game
06 Embryo
07 Reflection in the Sea
08 Final Solution
09 Welcome to the Dunes (Reprise)
10 Return from the Sea

Music by Beyond the Dune Sea
Guitar and bass by Kyle Mewhinney
Keyboards by Ross Love
Drums by Adam Kennedy
Produced, mixed and mastered by Adam Kennedy
Artwork by Ross Love
APR4 – March 9th 2010
All songs released exclusive to Abridged Pause Recordings and registered to Abridged Pause Publishing


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