Ossific is an atmospheric black metal band based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It was founded in the spring of 2011 by Justin Fleming (aka Traumata) on vocals and guitar, Ryan Clark (aka RC) on drums and Chris Cook (aka Selenoclast) on bass. After independently releasing “Demo I” in June of 2011, Cook departed. An EP titled “Closing Shores” was released in December of 2012 featuring live and studio material, partly featuring Cook on bass.

Fleming and Clark then composed and recorded the entirety of Ossific’s (currently unreleased) debut full-length “…As Roots Burn” in 2013. More line-up changes occurred with Clark first switching to keyboards before departing. The band currently features Justin Fleming (aka Traumata) on vocals and guitar, Shae de Sombre (aka Silhouette) on keyboards, Will Hill (aka Ammutt) on drums and Fleming’s older brother Andrew Fleming (aka Shroud) on bass. The new line-up’s first recorded output, an exclusive song, will appear on Abridged Pause Recordings’ forthcoming Various Artists compilation, “Billowing Tempestus”, due out in early 2016.