Cetus perfectly mixes post-metal, sludge and metalcore into one of the tonally-heaviest music you’ve heard. Formed in 2002 in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, the band is currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

Over their span, the band has featured such members as drummer, guitarist, backup vocalist and producer Matt Buckley; vocalist and visual designer Erich Kriebel; guitarist Matt Hollenberg; guitarist, drummer and backup vocalist Evan Williams; bassist Mike Coonan; bassist Dave Heck; bassist Dan Zimmerman; drummer Jason Fine; and vocalist Brendan McAndrew.

Their releases include “Archaic” EP (released independently in January of 2004), “These Things Take Time” album (released through Five Pointe Records in April of 2008), “Centrifuge” EP (released independently in the spring of 2009) and “The Remnant Mass” album (released through Dullest Records in July of 2015).

Cetus will be making its first appearance on Abridged Pause Recordings through an exclusive song on the forthcoming Various Artists compilation, “Billowing Tempestus”. The release is due out in early 2016.