In Dying Days were one of the few bands in Quebec doing the really metallic style of hardcore which was big in Florida. They were often compared to Poison the Well and Morning Again, but personally I would compare them to This Day Forward.

They would record a demo tape in 1998 after forming, with their original vocalist Olivier, and would build up a good following right away. They then switched vocalists and ended up with Mike Doucet. They recorded a second demo “To Forget Yesterday”, and  would come in contact with James Hamilton who was working on his new record label, Re-Define Records. He decided to officially release the demo as their first ep. James decided to press a limited run of a single song from it on tape, to see if the product was marketable. Indeed it was because the ep would come out as the labels’ first output.

The band band was then approached by Good Life Recordings, and would be featured on their VHS “Good Life T.V.” (which had Morning Again and As Friends Rust on it) as well as a compilation, which featured their song “Once Were Warriors”, from their debut ep. They would however sign a contract deal with One Day Savior instead.

The band recorded some demos for their second ep, “Life as a Balancing Act” in 2002, which would be released by ODS. The year after, “After the Fire” would be released on the same label. Both would do really well for the band. They would also appear on the “True Until Death” compilation by United Edge Records.

In Dying Days – EPs