I’m trying to expand to other provinces rather quickly. And one band i already knew of from Vancouver was Blue Monday (since Jason Kehoe from Day of Mourning played drums with them). They are very similar to the type of hardcore that bands like Terror, Bishop and Still Crossed played. I don’t know what you call this type of hardcore. Youth Crew? Hints, guys this would be appreciated!

These guys formed in 2001 and recorded a demo which was self released in early 2002. They changed some members and recorded their first ep “War Wounds” 7″ which was released on For the Core Records in early 2003. Later that year they put out “What’s Done is Done” on Stab and Kill Records. The CD version had the previous ep as bonus tracks. This got them to the attention of Bridge 9 Records which released their second album “Rewritten” in 2005. Their final output was a split with Go It Alone in 2006, before breaking up.

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