Vision Éternel An Introduction To An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes Boxed Set

On May 24th, Vision Éternel undertook an excursion in the Laurentian Mountains forest to film a new documentative video. Luckily, it was a beautiful sunny day, and despite the bugs enjoying the weather as much as we were, we had a lot of fun. We found a nice clearing in the middle of the woods where we set up the shot with cinematographer Rain Frances. The new footage was filmed to showcase and discuss the band’s newest release, the “An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes” boxed set, released through Abridged Pause Recordings last month. Vision Éternel founder Alexandre Julien made himself comfortable in the woods and explained how the boxed set was conceptualized and went over all of the contents of the package. The boxed set can be purchased at Vision Éternel’s web store, or on Abridged Pause Recordings’ Bandcamp page or Vision Éternel’s Bandcamp page.

As usual, several classic films were influential in the filming and location setting of this video. This time, forest-based film noirs were responsible, like the colour “Leave Her To Heaven” and “Dangerous Mission“; and the black and white “A Place In The Sun“. The song heard in the opening and closing credits of the video is “Pièce No. Sept“, which originally appeared on the 2015 extended play “Echoes From Forgotten Hearts” and is included in the boxed set.