Soufferance "Travels" boxed set. Released August 14th 2013 on Abridged Pause Recordings (APR7).

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When we found out from Soufferance that their fans had trouble getting their hands on their CDs, we set ourselves the goal to do something about it. The problem was not in production but in distribution. But we decided to look at it a little differently, maybe due to an avant-garde way that we have here at Abridged Pause. During the last 2 decades, when a record label signed a new band and wanted to distribute their back catalog, all they would do is re-issue them. We found that a little too simple and wanted to offer something more complete, something new.

Soufferance had previously worked on a concept theme for multiple releases spanning from 2007 to 2009, and that material was hard to find. Two of the labels that released their material had sunk their ship and it was only through digital means that the music could be heard. We traced down those defunct record labels and actually purchased what they had left in their vaults. The limited amounts left allowed us to only make 20 copies of this boxset.

To package all the material released in Soufferance’s “Travels” concept, we designed a handmade boxed set. Hand-made in every aspect, we bought papier-mâché boxes, paint, stamps, ribbons, ink, sponges, thread. The boxset was created at Abridged Pause Recordings itself, taking 2 weeks to complete. Each set includes 3 CDs; the first 2007 EP “Forthcoming Travels”, its 2009 reissue and the album “Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the Mind” released in 2010. As well, a new liner essay written by Soufferance explaining the “Travels” concept and its history and each set is individually hand-numbered on an outside tag (1 to 20). Finally we were also able to find left-overs of the original 2010 “bought from the band bonus cards” in the Soufferance vault (a trunk filled with Alexandre Julien’s music career material). These were used to autograph the albums in 2010 and that’s exactly their function in this boxset as well! This boxset is a complete packaging of everything ever released as part of the “Travels” concept.

CD1 – Forthcoming Travels 2007 (ep)
01 Theory of an Odd Man
02 Rouge Gorge
03 Le Surnom d’une Tristesse
04 Song of Sand
05 Monastere d’un Moine Perdu
06 Suicide by Venus
07 A Memory of Past Emotions
08 Outro Reverb Song
09 Solo Like Part
10 Comme Un Sage (Demo)

CD2 – Forthcoming Travels 2009 (ep)
01 Theory of an Odd Man Out
02 Mist of the Waters
03 On the Night of Fire
04 Give Us the World
05 Ambush for the Hunter
06 The Sound of Winter
07 The Magician
08 A Fragment of Glass
09 A Flask for the Journey
10 Clouds in the Wind
11 On the Edge of the Sea
12 A Song for the Angels

CD3 – Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the Mind (album)
01 The Thoughts and Memoirs of Mike Lachaire, First a Strange Individual, and then a Philosopher

Music by Soufferance
Soufferance is the creation of Alexandre Julien
All material recorded at Mortified Studios, January 2007-June 2009
Artwork by Alexandre Julien
APR7 – August 14th 2013
All songs released exclusively registered to Abridged Pause Publishing