Soufferance is the artbient project founded by Alexandre Julien in September of 2006. Obsessed by the film noir genre and determined to self-deteriorate himself further with each new release by a concept analysed to perfection. The goal is to simply interpret a stretched-out life in an artistic manner and document the process. But Soufferance doesn’t make music to be categorized or easily appreciated by the average person. It’s nearly impossible to find any ambient projects that sound anything like this. On a first listen, one could assume it is a film soundtrack, which is in fact the soundtrack to Alexandre Julien’s life.

Alexandre Julien describes Soufferance as such: “Soufferance is my personal way of clearing my mind. Most pieces originate during jams of frustration, moments of distress and phases of clinical depression. I do not write this for the general public and perhaps only intellectuals understand these compositions, and so be it; this is MY story.”