Pièce No. Trois Video Premieres On The Obelisk

As part of Vision Éternel’s 10-year anniversary celebration, it is an extreme pleasure to announce that the respected webzine The Obelisk is premiering our new music video for “Pièce No. Trois“! It’s been seven and a half years since Vision Éternel last released a music video, for “Season In Absence” in March of 2010, so it was about time that a new one was made. “Pièce No. Trois” is one of seven songs that appear on the concept EP “Echoes From Forgotten Hearts“, released through Abridged Pause Recordings on February 14th of 2015.

Today, August 28th, is an extremely special day because it’s also the birthday of James Wong Howe, one of the most important film noir cinematographers and a huge influence to the band’s visual style. Although he passed away in 1976, Google is also celebrating his birthday with a daily Google Doodle, check it out!

Pièce No. Trois” is having it’s premiere through the courtesy of The Obelisk webzine. Mr. JJ Koczan, owner, founder and head writer at The Obelisk, has written a lovely commentary of the video along with his thoughts on Vision Éternel’s sound and style. This is makes it the third time that Mr. Koczan has talked about Vision Éternel (once in February of 2017 for a review of “Echoes From Forgotten Hearts” and getting added to his radio, and a second time last Friday August 25th to mention the upcoming premiere), so I guess he must like the music!

Enjoy the read and watch the music video for “Pièce No. Trois” over at The Obelisk.