Karenza 7", (Rosepetal of) Sun and Moon Records

Karenza 7″, (Rosepetal of) Sun and Moon Records

Karenza was formed in late 1996 by Dave Buschemeyer (Bushman) on guitar and Trevor Dykstra (T-Bone) on bass after leaving behind the broken up New Day Rising (they would reform). The initial line up also featured Dave Johnston on drums, and Stu Brown (Stu-Dog) on vocals. In April ’97 Shawn Butchart (Docta’B) replaced Dave on drums. They proceeded to record their first demo, which was eventually released as their self-titled ep on (Rosepetal of) Sun and Moon Records. Summer came and a whole US tour was planned, but an accident in upstate New York totaled the van and prevented them from playing even the first show of the tour. Sometime after that, Ben Pobjoy (Duck) was added as a second vocalist. They were featured on “The 49th Parallel” compilation with two of the new songs, and a third would be used on the Witching Hour Records compilation “Better Luck Next Time” (which was delayed of release until 1998). By December 1997 the members had decided to stop using the moniker, but continue playing together. With a fresh start, a more metal influenced sound and a slight line-up change, Spread the Disease was born.

Karenza's liner notes in "Better Luck Next Time"

Karenza’s liner notes in “Better Luck Next Time”

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