This is my lucky first find of Winnipeg’s emo outputs. This band was a sister band to Grace Like Winter, but they were really poppy emo, like later Keepsake. They really weren’t around for long (May 1999 to 2000), and their split with Grace Like Winter pretty much features every song recorded for what I read. They were supposed to only have recorded four songs, three of which were meant for the split, and in the end the split featured four songs. I am unaware of any compilations they could have been on. The split, Amongst Rusted Heart, is the only release by Raising the Roof Records. The band disbanded when Matt decided to focus only on Every New Day, leading Andy to also leave.

From This Day Forward Split

P.S. This post needs a make-over. If you were in the band or know how to reach members from the band, please post a comment. I will get in touch with you.