Firestorm was one of the early “all-star bands” that formed in Southern Ontario. Matt White (from Two Line Filler) used to go down to Hamilton during his summer vacations. In late 1992, he hooked up with Ryan Hollingworth, Christian McMaster and Sam Mamone from Burst of Silence and Josh Fletcher from Chokehold, into what would become Firestorm. No one remembers what they named themselves after, but at the time, Earth Crisis’s EP wasn’t out yet, they recorded it at the same time as this band was forming. Through out that summer they wrote some emotional hardcore that could easily be described as a heavier Two Line Filler, with breakdowns, sounding like it was from Buffalo, NY.

The only Firestorm show, January, 1993. With Earth Crisis, Slugfest and Raisanbag.

The only Firestorm show, January 23rd, 1993. With Earth Crisis, Slugfest and Raisanbag.

Jamming decreased during the school period but on January 23rd 1993, Firestorm would be a last minute addition to an Earth Crisis, Slugfest and Raisanbag show at House for Zak (400 Upper Sherman Avenue). The set only featured three or four songs, as that was the entire catalog at the time. After their set, while Raisanbag was setting up, their guitarist Brian went up to Ryan and told him they should change band name because he wanted to use it for his own new band.

Some rehearsals were recorded, but this is the only one that has survived the years of lost tapes. The line-up was Ryan on vocals, Matt and Chris on guitar, Josh on bass and Sam on drums. Enjoy!

Summer 1993 Rehearsal