Éphémère is a Mexican dark ambient band based in Mexico City. Founded in December of 2009 by keyboardist and principal songwriter Mond Renteria, it originally envisioned to be an atmospheric black metal band. Things changed with the exit of drummer and guitarist Joffre O. Videz (who also played in the bands Delirium Cordia and Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus) before the end of the year. In February of 2010, Canadian guitarist Alexandre Julien (from Vision Eternel and Soufferance) joined and the pair shifted the direction of the band towards ambient. Julien left in May 2010 and the project went under hiatus.

Renteria resumed the band again in 2012 with new guitarist Manuel Chavez (aka Sainte from the atmospheric doom metal band Sorrowbringer). Following Chavez’s departure, Renteria recorded several demos alone. In February of 2013, Julien returned to work on a single song.

Éphémère’s first-released material came out in 2015 and featured Renteria’s 2012 solo material. Three songs appeared on the split compact disc with Deus Ater and Viento Nokturno titled “Death Melodies In The Eyes Of The Gorgons”, released through Predator Records; and six songs appeared on a demo cassette tape titled “Mordt”, released through Ars Sigillum Manifesto.

In June of 2015, Julien returned to Éphémère and the pair recorded a new song which will be released on Abridged Pause Recordings’ upcoming Various Artists compilation “Billowing Tempestus”. Éphémère is planning another demo cassette tape release in 2016.