Dreams Of The Drowned was a post-black metal/grindcore band of Camille Giraudeau, based in Evreux, Normandie, France. The idea of the project came about in late 2007 and Camille spent the next year recording a four-song demo. The demo was released for free download on the band’s Myspace page on August 27th 2008 and featured a Ved Buens Ende cover. Two days after it was out, it caught the attention of new record label Abridged Pause Recordings and the band was immediately signed for the release of their upcoming debut full-length, “Longue Vie / Imminent Doom“.

Camille then recruited the help of Tariq Zulficar as drummer for the band and continued working on Dreams Of The Drowned’s first album “Longue Vie / Imminent Doom“. Another working title for the album was “Vivement Le Printemps“. The album was scheduled for release by Abridged Pause Recordings in early 2009 on a coloured 12” vinyl and featuring artwork by Marina Polak and Christophe Szpajdel. But delays occurred with the recording and instead, Camille self-released the extended play “Thanatotropic Principle“. The EP featured five new songs, that were planned to eventually appear on the full-length in a different mix, along with the four songs from the demo remastered. The artwork for the EP was designed by Camille and released digitally on the band’s Myspace page on March 27th 2009. A compact disc version was planned by the band but because of limited finances, it was never released.

Later in 2009, as more delays pushed back the recording of Dreams Of The Drowned’s full-length, Abridged Pause Recordings worked with three of Camille’s other bands: SmohallaStagnant Waters, and plans were made to release Sveta Istina Vještica‘s debut album “Witches In The Air” on a coloured 10″ vinyl (this was abandoned in early 2010). In 2010, the song “Liquids Of Apathy” appeared on the digital Various Artists compilation “Hate/Life” compiled by Throatruiner Records and Swarm Of Nails. By April 2010, Dreams Of The Drowned’s full-length was left unfinished as the band went on an unofficial hiatus.