Cara Neir

Cara Neir is a fantastic grind/crust black metal band from Arlington, Texas. Fronted by vocalist Chris Francis, and backed by multi-instrumentalist, and old-time Abridged Pause Recordings-collaborator, Garry Brents. Brents had previously worked with Abridged Pause Recordings through his post-rock project Parabstruse in 2009, and his shoegaze project Wavre in 2012. That’s why it’s even more of a pleasure to have the opportunity to release Cara Neir’s material!

Since its inception in late 2008, Cara Neir has released a great amount of material of various record labels. Their Abridged Pause Recordings debut will be an exclusive song on the forthcoming Various Artists compilation, “Billowing Tempestus”, scheduled for release in early 2016.