Ache Hour Credo is what came between M Blanket and Breakwater (for Dave Wenger at least). It was fairly short lived, of about 1994 to 1996. Some say that the first unofficial song from this band was the last M Blanket song recorded, “Kid Collision”. They recorded an eleven song demo that wasn’t very circulated and only two songs were officially released (both on compilations). Of course this is still remembered as another Dave Wenger band, and just by reputation you know what you can expect. This really should have come out on Slow to Burn Records or Fans of Bad Productions Records but due to inner tension within the band, it never happened. “Letterbomb Valentine” was actually released on the Slow to Burn’s compilation “Group Therapy Explosion“, and Fans of Bad Productions used a song, “Give Fascism a Chance” on “Fuck the Commonwealth“. This band was really fantastic and I can understand why it’s influenced so many people. I unfortunately don’t really know much else of the band and i wish i did. Dave Wenger then had a brief stint with Breakwater, before starting up Daddy’s Hands with his girlfriend Emily, who also did vocals on this demo.

Ache Hour Credo Discography