Abridged Pause has been around since 2008. Initially it was started as a full record label, as Abridged Pause Recordings. In 2013, I merged my blog, which was created to write retrospectives of forgotten bands and record label interviews, onto the Abridged Pause website. In just this short year, the blog section outgrew the label in importance and in traffic. The record label’s importance also diminished when I decided that I would only release my own music through it. I felt that it was time to upgrade the Abridged Pause website to reflect the current priorities.

Thanks to the best graphic designer out there, Jeremy Roux, we spent the whole weekend recreating a website that would make the blog section shine, without completely obliterating the label side of it. The new website, which you see now, makes it so much easier to read the lengthy retrospectives and interviews that I write. There is more interaction between the posts, and the mobile theme has been upgraded thoroughly. The new layout also leaves much more room for larger images, which will be even more present on the blog from now on.

So welcome to the new site design and enjoy all that I have to offer so far. Much more is coming for the rest of 2014 and well into 2015.