The Wolfnote doesn’t seem like it much fits in with the bands on this blog, but it totally does! These guys are my first Alberta band on here. Great post-hardcore. These guys were pretty intense.

After some home burnt compilation demos they self released “Dancing to a Rhythm”, their first ep. They would also self release their next two eps, “Check the Lungs for Water” and “SI! SI! SI! SI!”. The later would be the first with their new vocalist Travis Sargent. After selling out the initial pressing on tour, Farway Records re-issued it in digipak. They were then signed to BlackBox Recordings, and would release their two albums on the label. “This is the Getdown” and “Sacred Bodies”.

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  • pressing info:

    -4 band split cd (Compromise, Preshure Point, The Wolfnote, Stars wept):

    one time pressing of 100 copies

    -Dancing to a Rhythm (handmade matchbook case with “secret” image beneath stapled section:

    One time pressing of 250 copies

    -Check the lungs for water (cdr in silkscreened slim jewel case with hand cut liner notes):

    first press:200 made but only 50 or so were sold. Approx 150 burnt down in Travis’s apartment.

    Second press: released as a split 7″ with Searching for Chin. 300 copies on red vinyl.

    -Si Si Si :

    first press: 300 copies in handmade digi pack with stenciled cd-r released independently.

    Second press: 50 copies in slime jewel case with Wolfnote sticker as the cover. These were all made in Milwaukee at staples because we ran out of the first press. They were all sold at a show we played with Since By Man, He who corrupts, Forstella Ford, and Department of homeland Security.

    Third press: 500 copies all hand made in exactly the same way but with Farway records logo on the back and professionally printed cd’s.

    -This is the getdown!

    first press: 2000 cd’s

    -Sacred Bodies

    First press: 2000 cd’s (Black Box) 109 hand numbered lp’s in silkscreened gatefold covers (Reluctant)