I can’t find too much original information on this band. Pretty much this is what half of Ire became. This was a lot more thrash/crust oriented, and its pretty strong.

They first did a cassette demo, which was re-issued by Scorched Earth Policy as the “Pulling Your Strings” vinyl in 2000. They then had a song on the “Seven Deadly Sins” compilation from Hater of God Records. Their final output was their full length “War Monger” on Chainsaw Safety Records (CD) and Scorched Earth Policy (12″).

The Black Hand Discography

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  • Black Hand rose from the ashes of Ire and Radwan now does sound for A Silver Mt. Zion and is part owner of a recording studio/club/space in Montreal. They came out to California in 2000 and played Mission Records in SF and at a house in Santa Cruz. Rad shows but Radwan’s voice was never loud enough.