Vision Lunar returns and signs with Abridged Pause Recordings

Some of you may remember Vision Lunar; Alexandre Julien’s solo atmospheric black metal project. From 2006 to 2007 the project released seven demos, always on a day of the full moon. After going through a hiatus and ultimately breaking up in early 2009, Mortification Records issued a complete discography CD entitled “Phase One (2006-2009)”. This was given away to close friends and collaborators and then released as a free download, massing over four hundred downloads since October of 2010.

Vision Lunar Promotional Photo 2015

Alexandre Julien started working on new Vision Lunar material back in February of 2015 but it took until August to convince himself that reviving the old project was a wise decision. His first plan was to publish Vision Lunar’s official biography, which would help establish the band once again after eight years passed since its last demo. A new photoshoot ensued to promote the upcoming EP, “Luna Subortus”, scheduled for release on September 28th through Abridged Pause Recordings. The day of release will appropriately be a night of full moon and a lunar eclipse.

Ad for Vision Lunar “Phase One (2006-2009)” reissue, Abridged Pause Recordings.

To help promote Vision Lunar’s revival, “Phase One (2006-2009)”, has been reissued by Abridged Pause Recordings. An extremely limited CD will be distributed and autographed by Alexandre Julien. These can be ordered through Abridged Pause Recordings’ Bandcamp page or Vision Lunar’s Bandcamp page, where all future Vision Lunar releases will also be available. The new pressing of “Phase One (2006-2009)” features upgraded artwork, proper chronological track listing and a new song that was found in 2014, not featured on the original pressing. Only a handful of CDs have been printed, but rest assured, the compilation will continue to be available for download to anyone who misses out.

You can get Vision Lunar’s latest updates by following them on Facebook and you can listen to them on Bandcamp. And don’t forget that the new EP, “Luna Subortus”, comes out on September 28th 2015.