This is my first post on a band from Manitoba. These guys were from Steinbach. And I love them! They had these incredibly melodic parts on their hardcore, something I can’t seem to pin point in any other band.

The band formed in 1997 and recorded a demo, which was already well talked about. They were contacted by Goodfellow Records, which would be the labels very first release, a split 7″ with Puritan in 1997. Later that year they also appeared on the labels compilation “The Difference Between Us”. The song would also appear on the bands only album “Subversive Paradigm”. A total masterpiece.

They were set to record an ep in late 1999, but I don’t think they got that far. If anyone knows if the recordings are around… I don’t have the pleasure of having the demo, so if you know where I could get a copy of it, or even just mp3s, I would be super thrilled!

Officer Down Discography

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  • Kimmo


    You haven’t come across the demo, have you? That would be so great to get! The songs on the Puritan -split are wild!

  • stephen

    There’s a few videos of these guys playing live on youtube. Also, i’m looking for an Officer Down shirt if anyone can help me out with that. I’ve got some pretty rare stuff to trade for one. Email me if anybody has anything.

  • Hey,

    Thanks a lot for sharing “Subversive paradigm”!
    I think I have never heard that record and it sounds really good.
    Gotta get a copy of it now.

    All the best,