Citadel Swamp is an atmospheric dark ambient project founded in January of 2011. At the time the project consisted of Alexandre Julien (who also played in Vision Éternel, Soufferance, Éphémère and Vision Lunar) on guitar and bass and Valerio Orlandini (who also played in Symbisos and NORV) on keyboards and samples. Later in the month a Bruno Duarte (who also played in Immundus) was brought in on keyboards and samples. But after recording a single song with Bruno, “A Nightmare Ends”, he was fired from the band.

From late-February to mid-April, Alexandre and Valerio worked on a new song, “Dead August Leaves”. It took three year for the song to be released, and it finally appeared on the Roach Clip Records compilation “insomniSerpents Vol.1” in February of 2014. That same month a new member was invited to join the project. Marc Hoyland (who also played in 13 Candles, Ethereal Forest, Heathen Deity, Hoyland, Nefarious Dusk, Plaguewielder, Thornland and Wither) worked on four new songs with Citadel Swamp but things weren’t working out and he left the band after less than a month.

Alexandre and Valerio then finished their second song together “When the Sun Folds”, which again was delayed from being released for another year and a half. It finally saw the light of day on Kontingent Records’ compilation “Kontingent II” in June of 2015. Through out 2015 Alexandre and Valerio worked on five songs together, but by the fall, Valerio’s direction was heading into abstract drone noise. In the fall he was fired from the band and Lucas Martin aka Unsilent (who also played in Almofar, Beneath the Wind, Enceladus IX, Funus Tristitiae, Invisvm, Levrij and The Descent Of The Sun) joined as new keyboardist.

Citadel Swamp’s current plans include an appearance on the upcoming Abridged Pause Recordings compilation in early 2016 and an EP sometime later in the year.