Welcoming artist: Black Autumn

Abridged Pause Recordings is proud to announce to everyone that Black Autumn will be working with us on their next release. Black Autumn has very recently released “Rivers of Dead Leaves” and you can still get the limited edition packaging from the band, as well as most of their older releases (and there are many many of them).

Black Autumn’s mentality has always been subjective to the entire black metal genre. As one of Western Germany’s most promising band, over ten years of writing and eight releases, this band is reluctant to get buried. Along with a number of bands in this new-coming generation of post-metal and black metal, the atmosphere and mood setting are the basis of the structure. Black Autumn makes that clear. In fact, their influences of black metal are merely recognizable by the tone of the instruments. This music envelopes you in a cocoon of despair and misery while keeping a feeling beautiful and comfort. A delight to all dark metal lovers.

Black Autumn’s future release will be out on Abridged Pause Recordings (APR003) in 2009/2010

In the meanwhile check out Black Autumn’s online pages and see if this artist will be in your playlist for the long run.
Black Autumn on Abridged Pause Recordings
Black Autumn on Myspace
Black Autumn’s official website