The Abandoned Hearts Club

The Abandoned Hearts Club was a band that unfortunately never got to release as much as planned. The band was formed out of most members from Karenza, which evolved into Spread the Disease, and continued along the same lines as The Sheer Force of Inertia was going, continuing to lose the black metal influences as they went on, and opting for a more math-metal approach, and becoming The Abandoned Hearts Club. Nevertheless super chaotic and amazing!

TAHC released their first demo/ep “The Initial Confession of The Abandoned Hearts Club” in late 2001 themselves which featured four songs. It didn’t take very long for them to get recognized, and they went on tour with The End (which was in the hype of their debut release with Re-Define and would sign with Relapse after the tour). Needless to say, this got the band the attention they deserved, and a crowd of renowned labels approached them to collaborate.

The band played a small five song set on CIUT radio station on April 7th, 2002. The show was recorded, but only two songs from that session were ever released, on their ep “Live on CIUT 89.5” that the band gave out with all buyers of their “Initial…” self-released ep. This was strictly limited to 20 copies. I wish I myself had one of them…

They decided to release two songs to the public digitally; “The Enthusiast”, with Aaron Wolff (at the time in The End) on guest vocals, and “Metropolitan Sentences” with Chris Colohan (at the time in Cursed) on guest vocals. Both songs were meant to be on their upcoming album, which had been in the works already. Hydra Head Records beat everyone to it and were the first to release a song officially by the band, on their two disc compilation “Where Is My Robotic Boot?”. Not long after Robotic Empire released another exclusive song on their compilation “Mutation”, and a song from the bands ep was selected to be on The Communion Records’ compilation “Transfiguration Songs”. By this time TAHC had inked an album deal with Abacus Recordings, and were set to release their debut album “Aloha Cocksuckers” in 2004. Somewhere around here Dave Buschmeyer left to play in a similar sounding band, Raise Them and Eat Them.

As if that wasn’t enough, the band was approached by Init Records to re-issue their debut ep on CD/7″ with brand new artwork, and fully remastered songs. The band was also set to be on a tribute to Chokehold compilation that Genet Records ended up never finishing up.

Sometime during the very late season of 2004, they lost their drummer, which I haven’t come across the reason why, but the band just couldn’t find a good enough replacement. So they decided to break up in February of 2005, yet they were willing to play one final show during the summer of 2005 and release the final album to coincide with that show. The final album as they had it said, was not entirely finished, but was to be comprised of 7 pre-production demos (including the two featuring guest vocalists). Neither the show nor the album ever happened. The only thing that surfaced would be songs posted on the bands myspace from the pre-production session an entire year later in 2006.

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