Searchingforchin (or sometimes Searching For Chin) was awesome!!!! And I’ve been wanting to post this band for a while. Only it took me forever to collect what I could find from them. When they started in 1999 they were a lot more metalcore, but pretty quickly progressed into a mathcore outfit. Really great stuff.

I’ve had a lot of trouble tracing some of this stuff around, and same goes for the information. I know they had a few line up changes, but Jim Meloche was always the vocalist and Jesse Martinez was always the main guitarist (both of them would later form Orphan Choir together). The band was formed under the name Provoked.  They released a demo in 1999, and then again another demo in 2000 (but I think this later was just a compilation of already released stuff, or stuff that would be released on their self-titled album).

Then came their self-titled full length out on their local scene’s most important label, Sounds of Revolution. The year after, they put out a split 7″ with The Wake on One Eye Records, the year after that a split with Recension on Sounds of Revolution (which for some reason also included the songs from the previous split) and finally in 2004, a split with The Wolfnote on Jim’s own label, Tragicomedy Records. All the while, they had a series of tour compilations made from these splits and occasionally a few new songs.

I’m not too certain of the compilations this band appeared on, but the ones I did read about didn’t have any exclusive songs. In 2005 they released their final album, ” Context”, also on Tragicomedy. The band had decided to breakup, and would openly announce it with a last tour. Their last release was supposed to be a split with Back When but that never happened.

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