Say No More Official Biography

Say No More was a band that anyone could have easily passed by. But I hope to change that. Louis-Pierre Parenteau and his brother Marc-Olivier formed the band in 2002 after the first Shark Attack 7″ came out, and they became influenced with Negative Approach and Agnostic Front. Louis was originally on drums with his brother playing guitar, but when a few songs were composed, they recruited Marc-Olivier Dion on drums and and Jean-Francois Landry on bass. They chose the band name from a song by Faith (the Dischord Records band). They recorded their first demo in 2002. This was followed by their first show on July 7th with The Attack,  If Hope Dies and Bury Your Dead. The band continued to play shows on a regular basis through out the next year and a half, and composing new songs, but nothing was recorded.

During this time, fellow friends of the band would form “Mental Crew Canada” with Louis as the mascot. These hard-core fans would go to as many Mental shows as possible. This would be how they came in contact with Greg Willmott who ran Lockin’ Out Records; the label who proposed to release anything the band was willing to get together. This could have been an EP considering the amount of material they had written at the time, but the band chose to send in songs for a compilation that Greg was putting together instead, hoping to do the EP later. They went down to Boston’s suburbs to record two songs with Eric Lomon (of Crunch Time) at Lomon Studios. In the end, only one song from each of the bands was used for the compilation, and “Smog” would be chosen. The other song remains unreleased. By the end of 2003, Louis had moved away and it was difficult to rehearse on a regular basis. Most of the jams took place right before shows and would not be very creative. They played their final show on December 13th, 2003, and though they were still somewhat “active” until early 2004, the band was over by the time “Sweet Vision” came out in February. A few years later, Omegas were putting together a mix tape and used the song “Hey Teacher” from their demo on the “Joy Boy Mix”.

Greg Willmott apparently still has the second unused song, but has been ignoring everyone’s attempt to retrieve the song, including the band members themselves. So we gave up and posted this discography 1 song short. If you’re ever able to get it, please get in touch!

Say No More incomplete Discography