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And here it finally is. The first post about a Qu├ębec band. This band is a bit hard to classify. I’ve read people call it emo (Yannick Lorrain’s description from a 1996 review of the band, and while maybe back in 1994, 1995 the music could could of been considered part of the emo scene), mathcore (it definitely has math parts in its later material), and plain old metallic hardcore. Personally I left it as hardcore because in entirety, that’s what it is. However it has elements of sludge and extremely atmospheric moments (What Seed, What Root? will give you that immediate reflection, as well as an immediate love for the band).

Ire playing in Quebec city

Ire playing in Quebec city


The band formed in February of 1994, apparently from members of Foreground (a band which I still couldn’t find information on). The band likely recorded some demos, but I haven’t the chance to find any yet. The band’s first release was their self-titled 7″ on Schema Records in 1996. It was soon followed by their split with Seized which was co-released by Spineless Records and Fetus Records. Both of these were compiled into “Adversity Into Triumph” on Ellington Records.

After that they released “I Discern an Overtone of Tragedy in Your Voice” on The Mountain Cooperative. They were getting more mathcore by this time. The band broke up in 1999, and posthumously released their final album “What Seed, What Root?” on CrimethInc Records/Scorched Earth Policy.

I talked to Radwan about the band, and he told me everything the band ever recorded was released. So what you’re getting here is their total discography. No chance of a reunion, despite the new trend.

Ire Discography