Feast is an amazing sludge/doom metal band from Beverwijk, Netherlands. Active since 2006, the band currently features Eduard de Ridder, Marc van Duivenvoorde, Jelle Kunst and Bart van Elst.

After an independently-released demo in 2008 and the captivating “Glacial Heart Of Man” album in 2011, Feast teamed up with Dirty East Godverdomme for a split 7″ vinyl through Crash Landing Records in 2014. That same year, friend of the band Maurice van der Heijden re-issued “Glacial Heart Of Man” on a limited edition cassette tape.

Feat will make their debut appearance on Abridged Pause Recordings with an exclusive song on the forthcoming Various Artists compilation “Billowing Tempestus”, due out in early 2016. Following that, Feast hopes to release the imminent sophomore full-length “Apeiron”.