Soufferance – Adieu Tristesse

“I was born when she kissed me, I died when she left me. And I lived a few months while she loved me”. This short but heartfelt phrase is the way Alexandre Julien chooses to describe this new Soufferance album, appropriately titled “Adieu Tristesse”. The title translates to “Goodbye Sorrow”, and is the second release in the “Sorrow”/”Tristesse” phase, which began in November 2009 when this album started being written and recorded. Four years in the making and after going through two unreliable producers, three art designers and countless shady promises from other record labels, Abridged Pause Recordings is proud to finally officially release this album.

Needless to say, when it comes to a Soufferance release, this is a concept album. And Abridged Pause brings you both releases from the “Tristesse” concept; the “Bonjour Tristesse” EP and the “Adieu Tristesse” LP. Both are taken from the newest masters available and presented with full digital booklets. After Niels Geybels created delicate artwork for both releases, Alexandre Julien had to rework the layout countless times, for each record label that had it’s own format and specifications. There are versions of the artwork for practically every format, CD, double CD, tape, vinyl, digital. The digital booklet included with the album downloads feature the best of everything with all the short stories, written for this concept, combined.


  1. Fragment 1: An Unlikely Meeting
  2. Fragment 2: Alternating Perfection
  3. Fragment 3: Almost Was Never an Option
  4. Fragment 4: Absence as Fonder Hearts
  5. Fragment 5: A Brief Comfort in Togetherness
  6. Fragment 6: August Brought Agony
  7. Fragment 7: And Eternity Lingers on
  8. Fragment 8: As Hope’s Last Breath Faded

All music and literature composed and performed by Soufferance
Soufferance is the creation of Alexandre Julien
Recorded at Mortified Studios between November 30 2009 and November 14 2010.
Produced at Mortified Studios between February 2 2011 and May 16 2011.
Artwork by Niels Geybels
Layout by Alexandre Julien
APR8 – November 14th 2013
All songs released exclusively registered to Abridged Pause Publishing
The fourth installment in a series of adoration and self-dedication
Adieu Tristesse is dedicated to Laura Dolgy